Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

One of the best.

You should think about a series of these, with other robot masters, you do great work man.


Keep up the work it looked almost real no wonder youve won awards on it.it was awesome


That's the best thing that I have seen since ever! Way to go!!

I like it

I'm not a HUGE Megaman fan, but I thought this flash was pretty cool. The animation was nice, the sound and music was good, and the presentation and style was very nice. Not bad at all.


Great job. I tryed Metal Blades, too. They just bounce right off him, don't they. You really made me scared when Quickman reflected the crash bomb. You made Megaman set himself up, in a bad situation, and you'd think he's dead. But no, he finds a way. Next time, please take note to MAKE MEGAMAN GO ON A DIET. He really looked fat and chubby, and Megaman is supposed to be a cool, 10-year old robot saving the day. Not a fat adalesent, but still, you have to admit it's awesome. Great, make another.