Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"


i would like to say keep up the good work and i cant wait till you make another movie of mega man fighting a other cool boss icant wait:}~


It was cool despite the graphics


Only one problem... Megaman didn't have a charge buster when he would've fight quick man.

Good luck....

...when you make the next one!
it should be against bass, starman, or slashman!!!...oops yeah it was pretty superb considering it was from a drawing pad. keep it up!!!

Awe inspiring

You did this thing on a drawing pad? I can't believe it! This is F**king awesome! Just when I thought I've seen everything Newgrownds has to offer, something like this comes along and makes it even better. Keep up the good work! Oh, and for a sequel, how about Megaman go up against someone like Bass or Punk? That would be wild!