Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage 2"

mario is better then a mushy

this is anti-mario so i dont like it if u did the mario part as the last part and let mario win i would give a higher rate

Toad is-a still-a pissed.

This flash really does feel violent. But that's what you went for, right?

....so....whos next....

lol...i just watched the whole sereiese so far...and i gotta say...this is turning out great. the voice acting is really good too i must add. but now this...link aprearing...what...are you gonna make him go through every nintendo charactures universe and have him kill them or something lol. or just have them come right to him. also this one review goes for all the other movies you made too. there all great. i think my favorate so far is the one with mario...the second time around i mean lol. when not even mushrooms can save you...then its time to get the heck outta town. anyways cant wait to see who he,s gonna kill next...but my opinion os he should kill link and take the master sword...cause as they say "there are somethings fists cant kill. for everything else...theres master sword" so it would rock if he started to use links weapon for awile after he kills him. peace man. TOAD ROCKS! (bring back super toad with the flame hair man that rocked!!!!11!!1!1111!!!!)

Great Job

Short and nice! Keep it up

Died to fast

Mario would have at least put up more of a fight than he did in the movie . Mario should have whoop Toad's ass and then Toad should start to win at the end.Try harder.