Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage 2"


how can mario get owned so quickly


mario cant die!nor luigi(but if he could hes weaker then mario soooooooooooooooo yea)bring him back some episode same with luigi!

it is so fu**ing stupid!

blame this piece of crap!


Can't you see he was kinda joking? With your grammar and message i can guess you're kinda the ''Want-to-be-Mod Like Nerd'' ^_^

Anyways, even though this is 3 years old, is kinda fun :p

Sweet movie and magician21...

I am goin to review the whole series in this one review ans would like to say that it was awsome...no dis shit was bangin. and another thing about what the fuckin nerd magician21 said pay that little shit no mind. LOl he is just a sentimental little fuck. I am a huge fan of mario and i find this series sick man. Magician21 u need to face facts the creator must of made this because he likes action and we all know toad could never kick mario's ass ur just so much of a nerd u can separate fanisiy from reality. U could probably learn how if u stoped playin so much vidoe games stop livin on newgrounds all day and get a bitch it'll settle ur mind and make u alittle more keen on life.