Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage 2"

This one was definitely better than the first...


wher the fuck did mario come from did he just get there or was he dumb and just stood there. part one was better always have a storyline to explain things

I thought it was awesome! 10 is up for me!

Good Job

good job

fuck everyone who didnt give you a 9 or 10
like the features too

It's a Mario's turn!!

You just keep coming back with the endless amounts of crappy grass!!! C'mon, at least put Shrooms or something on there!

So the animation was...still as always...decent. The only cool thing for me in the animation was when it just showed Toad just punching the crap out of Mario as the sun went down. That was cool, that part of the music that went on as that happened fit that spot on. The hat coming down wasn't very realistic, as it's not a piece of paper, it can just fall down it doesn't have to float. When Toad choked Mario it was pretty wierd as I didn't think you'd have to move your whole body just to strangle someone. Well, then again he did strangle him so much his head blew up.

The artwork is samo samo. Ending up with little to no shadows. Suck. For some reason, I like how Toad's mouth looks when he's strangling Mario. The fireball actually looked pretty good too. Again, I still wish there were more shadows, and at least SOMETHING BESIDES ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF CRAPPY GRASS!!! Also, what I find kinda stupid is when Toad punches Mario dozens of times, Mario's face looks just the same as when Toad just punched him three times. I'd think his face would at least look blood stained red by now.

The music was pretty badass, at least in this type of predicament.

All in all, it was about the same as the last two only much shorter.