Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss"

Legendary frog is hot!!!

piconjo just loves you LF =D. Anyhow funny ass movie.

Oh my fcking gosh

so fucking hot omg make more more more more more more make more to masterrrrrbattteeee to


Yaoi fangirls rejoice, it's LF and Piconjo kissing!!! <3<3<3 I guess its a bit 2-faced of me to like your stuff and LF's.....oh well....
Yea i agree with all the other people man, your a closet case ;)

Cute and happy :3

Aww i love it!

Oh and some_weird_guy i dare you to go to queens and say that jerk. If its so gay make your own flash. I dare you to say that in queens you'd get dickraped in everyhole by a thousand gay guys and they'll keep doing it til you like it!

Get over yourself and watch something else with more violence and bloodspray.

As phag and a total yaoi boi you piss me off.

love this