Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss"

Amazing. Thrilling. Legendary...

Behold, the legendary Epic Kiss. The Greatest flash movie of all time.

your synthetic... its pathetic.

So now youve decided to gay fuck LF?
your movies are stupid.
half are funny but the other 276 arent...
why do you make thousands of crappy movies?

please put more time into your work...

what the bloody fuck is wrong with you.

Are you gay? Or just have some extreme fetish for legendary frog.

Uh huh....well....yes....

That was so Fuked up two gays crying as they kiss eachother?......

i cant belive i sat threw and watched that

wow, not only was it to guys making out but, it was slow as hell, you could have sped it up a bit and made it half the time it really was.... terrible

and it wasnt even epic