Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss"

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry but I'm a gay guy and I STILL think this flash obviously had no effort put into it. Next time, try harder, for the love of... uh, men, I guess.


On a scale of 1-10 this is a negative 4, it ovbiously took absolutly no effort and was the single emoist thing i have EVER seen, you are the single emoist thing i have ever seen, other then that you have to learn to speak. J00 is not a word, teh is not a word and so forth. And as a straight guy this gets another -6, theirfor you have -10 out of 10 from me. Dont quit your dayjob, quit flash instead.


aw,even if it was to guys,that was absolutly beautiful,i have nothing against gays,that was gorgiouse,the only funny part about this is,i didnt even watch it and i almost sent it to my BF,that would have been weird,he would be like WTF,lol,well i thought that was beautiful

Cute and happy :3

Aww i love it!

Oh and some_weird_guy i dare you to go to queens and say that jerk. If its so gay make your own flash. I dare you to say that in queens you'd get dickraped in everyhole by a thousand gay guys and they'll keep doing it til you like it!

Get over yourself and watch something else with more violence and bloodspray.

As phag and a total yaoi boi you piss me off.

This is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like gay people, but they can reedeem themselves. So can you. Just next time make something a little less gay. I'll be waiting.