Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss"

i wish that was ME up there with pic0nj0!



okay, animation was okay, took FOREVER!! no point but... THE SONG IS AMAZING! I LOVE KAMELOT!!! THE GREATEST BAND EVER I WILL PRAISE THIS CRAPPY FLASH ANIMATION JUST BECAUSE OF THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls in love all over again with this song!!**

The song is Don't You Cry by Kamelot

... What?

Okay. I remember watching this about 100 years ago. And it still sucks. C'mon. The characters are poorly drawn, the animation is just one long tween that takes much too long to go through, and really. There's absolutely no story. Why should we care about these characters?
Why are they kissing?
Where the hell are they?
What happens before and after?
Why are they moving s'damn slowly?
This is about as exciting as watching paint grow.
Try harder or be gone with thee!


That is gay...

How sweet...

At first, I was wondering why it was taking so long. But, it was actually not bad. The tears were very well-animated, I guess the characters could've looked a little better. Not bad, though. A 3.