Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss"


Quality stuff... all in good fun.

If people don't get that your just joking around and having fun, then they have some worked up problems of their own.

Keep up the good work Piconjo! Hilarious shit.



piconjo i hope that you and legendfairy grog will always be together forever. It was a very romantic movie! great work! 3/5!


ur shit normally has funny gay stuff but this was straight up (no pun intended) gay love story stuff...

Someone Finally Came Out Of The Closet

Now I'm SURE you have a homosexual attraction to Legendary Frog. Are you hoping to insult him or something by putting him in gay porn? I'm surprised he didn't ask for royalties

If you drew the background yourself, good job, also the two characters were well drawn, and music was good. That's ALL that's good with your Flash.

Here's a hint for insulting Legendary Frog: Make a Flash of him eating babies or kicking puppies. That would insult him alot better than him buttpirating Pikanjo.

Put your animation skills to better use.

very beautiful

Very beautiful work! I love thyat song too. ^.^ Please make more great flashes for us Yaoi lovers!