Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss"

Blah. Not too good.

I love gay people and everything. But what I don't love is flashes like this.

It lacked much animation other then the two guys moving and that one facial change.

Lacked a plot. No depth. All I saw was two guys kissing without reason.

Just another fan girl frenzy if you ask me.

I give it a 3 however because it had good drawing. That's about it.


That was beautiful...

god kill him now...

no! no! (smacks with newspaper) bad!


It was okay. Wasn't as slow as some of your other ones. It was okay, I'm not into yaoi myself, but I guess some girls will like this. :/ You could've detailed the faces some more, but it was okay overall. Beautiful music too.



As much as i love yaoi........man...that was WAAAAY too...too....stupid!..i thought it will never end....i am sorry, man....it needs more....i dunno....ieven i would get tired of just standing there letteing a tear drop fall one by one, nad just kiss....just...taouc lips for an hour...man..no! Bad!