Reviews for "Medieval wars"


Sound like it should be from an old TV show called Redwall. Anyway, it was great and it would be good for a medieval flash game.

MashedByMachines responds:

Oh? never heard of that show :) gotta check it out. Thanks for your review :)

Hey gues what?

I'm going to use this song for my school video/project im making. We are studying the medival times and im definatly using this music!

MashedByMachines responds:

Cool :D
Are you going to upload it somewhere when its finished? if so, send me a link :)

hells yes(actually hell sucks)

luvs this ima gunna use it in a game ill make/making where to blobs named Bob and Jim take on the the roles of two peace makers between the lands of Jimlandia and Bobany, two nations of which Bob and Jim are from(guess where each is from respectively) they will b ecoming out in summer at the latest (as in about august at latest) this gam'll be based in a medieval world with Axes spears and lots swords n' shields ill send u the link and/or file for the game when i finish it(ull probably be fisrt excluding my best frends to play the final version.)check yoyogames.com to see if Jim and Bob show up


It's a great song, but it sounds more like pirate music, not medievel.

Great rythm, ebb and flow, with perfect pace

Evokes that lonely feeling from the dark ages, especially when the flute kicks in and out throughout the track.
I use this tune for background music to keep the emotion grounded and motivation high throughout the day. Its not too happy and jiggy, but the pace keeps the mind focused.
Great job. Please put together more like this.