Reviews for "Medieval wars"

I will use this...

I'm designing a new overhead rpg (almost finished, adding tweaks), and this is definitely going to be the main theme.

MashedByMachines responds:

Wow! What an honour =) Be sure to tell me when its done. I would love to see how it turns out :)


it could be used for a medieval video game

Incredible atmosphere!

Wonderful composition there, sir. I could see the Medieval village in my head while listening to this.

Five'd and Fave'd

MashedByMachines responds:

thanks :D


This really captures the idea of medieval times.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks :) I´m glad you liked it.

Woah, really cool.

Man, I really like it, good job.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thank you :)