Reviews for "Mortal Kombat messups 1"

clayton peter

that was the worst flash i have ever seen in my life! Why would there be a glitch in your computer that wouldn't let u finish a flash. That was the biggest disgrace to mortal kombat and has been done many times before.

xXARCHAONXx responds:

K Fat

Got me to laugh

Well, to bad that you had that bug and you weren't able to finish. I can't wait to see the other part as this one was quite funny. Even though it wasn't completely finished.


AWESOME!!!! I am an Über huge fan of Mortal Kombat, so this was definately one of my favorites. Was kinda dissapointed that it wasn't finished, but it was worthy of a perfect score nonetheless.

Very Funny.

Very Funny.Hope the part 2 of those messups will come this month!(I count on you!)


i'm a huge old school mk fan..laughed my ass off at this,nice work man.