Reviews for "Mortal Kombat messups 1"


Rubber ducky of death!

Comical, but incomplete...after all this time

This flash movie is quite comical; players have the option of choosing from 23 characters. However, some of the character videos have not been complete.

The videos utilize either the digitized versus screen images of Ultimate MK3 or the sprites from Ultimate MK3 with added effects and tid-bits thrown in for good measure.

Some of the videos are quite comical and some are on the silly side. Some are random and some are quite entertaining. Some of the fatalities included are good and others so-so.

Considering the humor throughout the videos, one can assume that the videos were intended to be comical. The maker of this flash movie has done well; yet, some of the humor (and sexual content) may go over some individuals' heads.

Overall, some were better than others and several character skits are incomplete.

My suggestion:
I want to see the remainder of the character flash videos completed. This video isn't for everyone, but for those who enjoy, it does make for a few good chuckles.


nice thought nightwolfs was funny even though he sucks

Only two words.....MESSED UP LOL.

Lol at Noob's Smoke's espicially!


lol cyrax at the smoke one