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Reviews for "Honey Bunny"

Aw man...im im speechless

I LOVED this game useally theres somthing you can say thats bad abouit but...but i cant find a thing the voice acting was FLAWLESS this is in my favs list All your games are excellent i espcialy like the japanesse music that plays cause songs sung in japanesse are my favorites the music selection is wonderful who did the voice acting you are (or have) one good artist there *gasps for air* you shoulkd make this a dowloadable game great game love it keep it up

Aww its nice :3

ROFL who said hentai that is funny. pervert rofl...


Have never seen a cuter game^^

Great, cheesy fun.

Brilliant stuff. Vivid colours, distinctive art style, a cuteness factor to die for and actually fun to play, too. This game has a real sense of "character" to it that has been obviously thought through - everything from the art style to the voiceover.

A great submission, though big macho men will probably avoid it like the plague - which is a great shame, as it's a lot of fun.

old days

I member playing this awhile back <3
i used to beat it e.o;;;