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Reviews for "Honey Bunny"

Calm down Kikaman001 they dont all gotta be nude

fun game but difficult defenitly got that mausland touch. lookin forward to franks advanture 4!!

It was cool

Fun game :)

sup wiesi

its yo pal , niggardlydog

here's the scoop:

This game is solid, dude. Ill say that, your "side, fun projects" are getting better and better everytime. Who ever did that voice acting, rocks. The controls were a little stiff (and movement animation was stiff), but its a flash game after all. The fun factor is there, its as good as nes console games used to be, (well ok, maybe more like gamegear or something), but still... its very good, fun to play.

I dont know what to suggest actually, Im at a losss. Its very good, but I cant really tell what its lacking... hmm let me play it a little more.

Ok... I also think this was a Pulp Fiction joke.. lol A++.

Whats up with no extra lives? And having to restart everytime you die? Hmm... would it be too easy then? I dont think it would.

Maybe some variety would be nice too... I mean I cant get past level 2 so maybe you have more enemies, more items after... but maybe not... it would be cool to see more different stuff.

Anyway.. good work, glad to see you still at it. Will stay tuned for your next release! Dont ever add nudity or whatever because people ask for it, 99% of people are dumb and not worth listening to... and hell, Im one of that 99% too... but thats just my opinion. Always have fun with what you do! congratz on a successful, solid game!

Oh my god

I can't believe I doubted this at first. When I loaded it up I got worried that it was going to be sickeningly cute. But It was great! The voice and sounds are perfect. I really felt like I was playing some kind of arcade game.

(Congratulations. You are the first person I've ever seen fit to receive a 10 on any of the sections)

I think I have the diabetes now

Thanks Mausland...