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Reviews for "Honey Bunny"

the cuteness... @_@

Nice to see you trying something new again, after the last Franks adventure being about doing buisness with aliens I was starting to think you were running out of ideas. Although I found this game got boring quick it was still quality, meh it's flash artists like you that make me jealose... -_-

A good refresher.

Uh, I don't see why everyone has to give this so much guff. I mean, if you're an artist and you make the same type of crap all the time you'll start to hate life.. Everybody has to try new things, and for the sake of originality and creativity this got my good vote.


Lmao, this was funny. It was just making fun of kids shows that I used 2 watch lol, lmao, rotfl.


This is by far the cutest damn game ever... and I let that fool me for a bit.

But the fact of the matter is, this game was actually pretty challanging. Not much of an actual plot behind it, but not all good games need some amazing storyline.

Very good.


Yay Cute

OH wow Marmalade boy music love love >< sorry it had to be said but anyway that game is so cute i enjoyed it alot ^^