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Reviews for "Honey Bunny"

Great fun!

Hahah, what a cute, fun game that is! Fun to play, and the voice overs are extremely well done and add to the style a lot. Excellent job, you've done it again!

So simple, but so very addictive...

How dare you disguise one of the most highly addictive flash games I've ever played under the name Honey Bunny... I'm sure soon the government will be using this for training soldiers... well maybe not that.

But it was very enjoyable, the complete opposite of Frank's. I got 17033, so it may have been too easy? Anyway, amazing job.

So simple, but so very addictive...


I really enjoyed this. I had to stop myself on the third level because I knew I would be playing it all day. :)

Wiesi-Mausland responds:


great great great!!!!!!

cute and fuzzy
and it was kind of a challenge to play too!

i need

more honey honeyyyyyyy make another honey game