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Reviews for "Honey Bunny"

I love you guys

I also a member of your forum. I can't wait till frankie adventure 4 comes out.


Love it

This is an awsome cute game. The music is awsome. there's nothing better then hearing music from some of your fave animes. This is wonderful. you did a great job on it. i'm very impressed. I don't usually play alot of games on new grounds but this is going in my favorites. :)


About the game:
Yeah, it's pretty good, I remember protecting it before there were any replies, but I didn't bother replying. Funny game, and the voice of the girls is nice.

About Newgrounds:
HAHAHAHAHAAHHAhAHA Some of you guys are so sad/predictable. This is on the front page, with the hot anime girl picture, and the name Honey Bunny. Obviously nerds clicked on this hoping for porn. That's where all the bad replies come in, and the huge viewing score compared to other stuff on the front page. I see replies like "FUCK I THOUGH THIS WAS PORN AND IT'S NOT WTF 0!!!". Get a life losers :P. It's funny how all the stuff on this website that nerds think is porn gets 2x the views lol. God people are so sad. This movie deserves a better score and review average, but all the geeks were dissapointed because they got no porn. hahahahahaha, awesome!


Hah. Cute & fun.


I like this! I like sickeningly cute!