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Reviews for "Honey Bunny"

WTF ^^

Waht an freaking game ^^ but its so cute and funny :D


I......I'm Amazed! LOL

I Never thought that game would be So Awesome! Srsly...Also, Perfect job on the Voice Acting and the songs, Looks like a Real Video Game! :D

I'm not one to complain ,

It's a cute game , don't get me wrong , but the controls feel a little too loose and it's hard to avoid bats . Other than that , I like it . Nice game .


really fun and i like the fact that you accually used the "funny-theme" from the naruto anime! it was a bit for the younger, yes but at the same time funny for us older than 10 too. a little fast/sensitive moving maybe but else ok.

Reminds me of Parodius

All in all, not a bad game. However, the hot air balloon made for an annoyingly large hitbox. Add to that the limited number of lives, and it got a little hard.