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Reviews for "Honey Bunny"


weird as fuck waste of my fucking time and the sad thing is i will never get it back my time back YYYYYYYYYY!! would u put such a shit game on newgrounds. newgrounds does not deserve it SO WHY!! did u put it on

vERY GOOD game I like it very

The Game was really good and intresting

Wait I think I know the song!

It's from Naruto isn't it? .. It's the tune they play when they're goofing off and starting a silly mission or something. If not, then it's very similar or they took that from another place.. But I know it's from Naruto too!! Great game! Wish there was more time to collect stuff on each level though :/ Can't resist getting everything in the bonus level and then I run out of time making a mad dash to collect it all lol

Cute, and just like Mausland

As an anime fan, I like the tone and mood of the game: cute, bright, but with a few teeth. I know I've heard the music somewhere before, but cant remember where. Its zany, fun, and simple, just like all great Mausland games.


I did not like it it was to chilish for my liking