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Reviews for "Breakfast of Champions"


I'm not hungry anymore.

Or4nges responds:



Tis' why I dun' eat at Mc-D's.

Or4nges responds:

I know right. Scary stuff.


i will NEVER make this art, im just not good enough for this kind. it looks easy seeing it on the first time (just a shake, burger and some pommes ^^) but if you take a closer look you'll see a lot of details. the cheese on the burger looks like a fucking tongue xD. great shadow textures. it's not so easy making that with a pencil. AND of course a great idea with the mc donalds food tehehe.

how the fuck did you get this to 640 x 480???
i had to make e.g. 1200 x 1200 (same width and lenght) or so to have the full pic. cause otherwhise it would cut off some of my pic here on newgrounds >=(

Or4nges responds:

Thanks man! And I did this with a pen, not pencil :P

But.. yeah I just took a photo with my webcam. Horrible quality, and the size just evened out I suppose.


that's just nice, no, GREAT, PERFECT!!!!
i want to draw as good as you!!!!!!

Or4nges responds:

Aw shucks. Thanks man!

wait... you draw? why didnt i ever see your stuff before now? lol pretty neat stuff anyway.