Reviews for "Pirates Island"

Vague reminder of Flapjack

It totally reminds of that show, especially the pirate captain in the upper right, who reminds me of K'Nuckles. Very nice piece, it so so colorful, yet so peaceful and not making my eyes hurt, haha.

Looks like a fine set up for a game. :)

Really nice

This is really cool, awesome colours and line art from all the artists. It really reminds me of Psychonauts and the general art style of Double Fine's games

new desktop wallpaper!

Thank you! :) Very subdued in tone, yet vivid in character. Really great collab work. :)


That's all I have to say :)


That's an awesome piece of art you've made.

Is the guy yelling Ulla with a piece of cake on his belly from Asterix and Cleopatra?<