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Reviews for "A Far Cry From Death"


i can see this in a console game

vai90 responds:

Cool, thank you!

definately reminds me of Far Cry 2

Again this song puts an image in my head of guys fighting out in the desert or some local of farcry2. If only the game were as good as this song...

vai90 responds:

The game is fucking awesome! :D
I just finished it after about 40 hours and I loved it. I don't understand why so many people are saying it's crap or whatever.

Still thank you very much for your review! Really appreciated. :)

Loved it!

I loved the track but it would be better in my opinion if maybe you extended it a bit and maybe kicked the beat up a notch or 2.

vai90 responds:

Probably. Maybe I'll give it a shot.
Thx for the 10!


ksiradcad, not all songs have to have a "BANG POW". Classical for example. This song is perfect for its genre.

vai90 responds:

Well, I think he was missing some sort of "BANG POW" (xD) because this track is intended for a duel.
Thx for the review!

Lol awesome?! :D

Wow,Sounds like in game xD
Keep up the good work please ^^

vai90 responds:

Thx :DDD