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Reviews for "A Far Cry From Death"


Good song, but how did you get so many downloads, did you just download them all from a different account.

vai90 responds:

I have no idea, really. Must be a serious bug. I send Wade a pm asking him what's up with that, but he never replied.

The weirdest thing about it is, that a song can't have more downloads than listens for obvious reasons. Fucking strange. 'O.o

Anyway: Thx for the review!


good stuff is hard to come by in the audio portal
THIS ! is good, will be used in march of the giraffeys

vai90 responds:

Thx. :)


That is friggin awesome, Haven't actually got round to playing Far Cry 2 yet but it definately has a African setting to it.

vai90 responds:

Thank you. =)

Sounds cool

i cant quite put my finger on what this sounds like it would fit in with but it sounds pretty good. i gotta try FC2 one of these days here. good work on this one

vai90 responds:

Thank you and yes, you should definitely try out FC2, it's amazing. :)
By the way: My next project ist a Left4Dead song, but it's still in a very early stage and I don't have much time to work on it rightnow. It will eventually come out around Christmas. Just a quick update.^^


This sounds amazingly evilish!
If i had to make a game with this soundtrack, it would be used in one of those darkish, exploringish, levelish thingies!
Imagine it! You would jump around bare-feeted, while being chased by dark-purple froggish people with spears!

vai90 responds:

Thx for the review! XD