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Reviews for "Halloween_Satire"


Really nice song, sort of reminded me of Donnie Darko for some reason. Love it.

Imangie this if you will...

It's a cold dark Octber day and you deside to go for a stroll. You skip along, a road, though the sun is hidden behind some clouds, but it was still sunny out, but then a gust of wind blew and it chills you to the bone. You start to run back, you never like the cold, then grey clouds blocked the sun, and everything turns red, it starts raining blood, you look around in confusion, what was happening, what could this, you hear thunder in the distance and lighting flashed right infront of. You hear what sounds like someone giggling, you turn around, Who's there?
"oh, yes who indeed." A women of small stature was wearing a sweater as a mini dress, and glove with knives on the fingers.
"What, who are you?"
She smiled widely and showed her sharp teeth.
"Take a wild guess," She walks even closer to you, and said
"Time to wake up!"
You get up in sweat and blood on the sheets, and you feel something on your chest, you turn to light to look in the mirror, the message said MISS FREDDY KREUGER.


Its 2022 Febuary 10th And your a Private Marine and Going into a Dark U.S.S Marine Ship and You noticed Something diffrent about it when You Last came In 2021 As you Step in Your Commander tells You "Listen team split up Contact me on The radio" As your alone In The Dark hallway you Hear a hissing before You know It a Giant shadow Grabs you and you blur in confusion You Wake up In a Another world in a Strange Jungle You look towards you And see a Dead marine but when you Look up You see a giant Creature And you say "What the hell are you...?!" As the creature Looks at you the Creature grabs the marine by the head and Cracks his skull pulling his head out With his spine Hanging you see the Creatures face and witness the Face of True Horror....

this music is amazing.

Nice job (•ω•)❤