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Reviews for "Halloween_Satire"


Wow i just love the tone of the music :)) really captures the essence of halloween! Sounds like an ending to a horror movie :D


Defiantly captures the essence of Halloween!
Hmm. Somewhere around the :25 mark it gets that creepy backwards effect D:
But seriously this is one of the best Halloween submissions I've seen yet!
Keep up the good work

I can not describe how much I liked it. They are very nice instruments, and not to mention that the music is pretty simple, but it's still good.
It is a beautiful theme of terror. More songs to ambiemte with this quality should be created, for sure!

That is so good.
Becuz' the music can suitable for Hyperlize Neon Orbit: The Stained Dreams main theme song.

Makes Me Feel Alone And In The Woods