Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"

nice, very nice

I regret that i havent heard of this series till now, it is simply excellant

Fantastic dude!

That was fantastic! Those graphics were amazing, the style was great. How long did this take to complete?
Deffinentley one of the best artists on NewGrounds!


A very power final look into the dr. shroud series. Frist off camera work in this flash was very well done, and professional style of pans, and solid facial detail and expressions. Also this film had the classic horror movie style, along with a new style of tence action, the flying head was incredbily creepy, and sound quality and voice acting was solid. Backrounds were very dark, and flowed well with each transition. Some neat violence, and a story line of dark demon genius creativity

A mind game fun ending

don't listen to charlie42...

he's a fucking gay, he doesn't even have a profile. tjis movie was great. well done. kee up the good work.

Very Cool

Awesome, love the series....