Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"

It's great to see the epic conclusion! Well, I guess it's not a conclusion to the actual series, right? The music is as good as ever. I admit not remembering a lot of these characters' names. It's still great to look at. I like how they all look so distinct.

The voicework is great too. These are really some nice, original ideas you put forward. It is kind of hard to understand. At least you can look at it well enough. It is fairly unique.

robfeldman responds:

Ah, thanks! After more than 10 years, I'm glad to see people enjoying it!

Hi I'm Willie

The fishmen were kind of creepy. And I was not expecting Melusine to possess Poitou's head.

urm ..

hmmm .. i think the covered body looks fat xD
and turned thim when he unrevealed it .. xD
but pretty awesome.I watched all of your flash and its all amazing good job.

One of the best series on Newgrounds...

One of the best flash series on the site, to bad it got less than 4/5.

or is it

it might be