Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"

don't listen to charlie42...

he's a fucking gay, he doesn't even have a profile. tjis movie was great. well done. kee up the good work.


I expected a little more out of this one

Verry good

Hey thats a good flahs for sure, i would like a 2ND bunny flash.

I remmember Dr. Shroud!!

I remmember how awesome the last one i saw, but this one... Is even beter!!
The animation and the graphics are great, the voices are very cool too!
That flying head was really great and funny :)
Overall - good job!

Nice job!

the thing i like the best about this movie is the drawings.. they look like somthing you would see on tv. if you smoothed up the animation this would be some of the best i have seen. very good non the less. doesnt make much sense to me because i need to watch part one. but ya keep up the good work and i look forward to you next flash.