Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"

Voice actors needed

The story was interesting enough, and the drawings were pleasing, but man oh man, where did you get people to do the voicing??? their intonations were off, you can't tell what the character is thinking very well, and you have bugs in your background music. the mood of the music is very good, but to hear it suddenly skip, that's not cool.

Long overdue.

I love this. There's only one problem. This is *LONG* overdue. I loved the earlier part of the series, but it's been a while since you put anything up on it. I hope it's not that long again before you put up the next.

Pretty creepy

Nice, good graphics and sound, but the story sucks...


This was a very stylish film. The character design and art syle were unique and nice to look at. The animation however was not too good. I believe that the animation suffered greatly because of the detailed art. Too many parts of this film's animation were choppy & jerky. Like a poorly done episode of South Park. The less than stellar direction didn't help the look of it either. At times you could barely tell what was happening, or supposed to be happening. The writing was decent enough, albeit a little extraneous. All in all, it was a decent film.


I personally know how much work goes into creating these animations. It can be 100's of hours. Although this seemed to be very well drawn I couldnt sit thorough more than the first 20 seconds....It wasnt interesting to me