Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"

That was smooth...

Outstanding Job!! That was like watching a real animated series. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Wow! like watching a comicstrip in action

Good work, very proffessional audio and flash!


The second part of this series made the half breed hero not to cliche due to his histroy. And the irony in part 3 is the ghost's own "pets" was her own undoing. Can't wait for "The Boy in the Box."


Good drawing, but sound quality could be better. I had to turn up my speakers to hear it. Subtitles would be helpful. A little short and confusing, but seems cliched.
BTW, is he not wearing pants?!

That was...

Great job! That was awesome, i really have not seen any more of your animations, but definately will now.

Critique: You oculd have made the animation smoother.

But apart from that, great job! It did get me a little confused, but thats probably because i havent seen any more of your work.

Awesome, keep it up.