Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"

Surprisingly.. not as good as the others

I loved the alley of dolls series and was loving this one too but sadly I thought this was the worst one out of the La maudite series. I thought the sound was no where near as good as the others and I was a bit dissapointed. Apart from that it was still a good flash so well done. Cant wait for the boy in the box series!

it was really good but....

well i kinda liked to read it instead of listening it gave like a more comic book feel to it and not really flash kinda thing but i still really like the series

thats why i gave it a 7

Quite dramatic, it really sets up the mood

What can I say, it was great. Very dark and mysterious. This is actually the first Dr.Shroud episode I saw so I didn't completely understand the plot.

The animation in this was excelent, same with sound and voice acting! You got some real talent, have to make more.

" The Doctor RULES !! "

What a great way to end this series!

As always,the moods and style are unique....especially for the Flash medium.

Things just keep getting better , such as the characters, story , and music.

Very dramatic !

Looking forward to the new story ! !


Vamp Ass Kickin At It's Best

Hey there its rucus2004 again
I just have to say that Doc Shroud in colour really is the way to go. Shows more gore.
When and where can we see the "The Doc" doing what he does best in the future?
The only problem I had is when Doc grabs ahold of the flying head and you see him fly off, his legs look a bit spasmodic, no offence but thats the way it looked to me. But apart from that very smooth animation.
Give my regards to Mr Shroud :)