Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"

omg that sucked.

BOOOOORING! BOOOOOORING! the characters SUCKS...and it didnt happened anything. File size too large to be so short.
Overall 3.

Good job

Very cool it had a great comic feel to it. The preloader gave it that cover of a comic look especially with how the title was wrote. The graphics were awesome you had great lighting and shadow affects. The only thing that kinda bugged me was how in that room how that flash of light kept on going off that kinda irritated me. You had some awesome looking character very unqiue. I loved that head that was so funny typical comics book villian. The sound was great I loved the heros voice sounded just like a hero and the villians sounded like villians. It was very welll done.

Overall: Good Job 8

Fantastic dude!

That was fantastic! Those graphics were amazing, the style was great. How long did this take to complete?
Deffinentley one of the best artists on NewGrounds!


You are an accomplished artist but I just didn't like the story kinda bored me.


What the hell? I've seen the other too parts but I still have no idea what is going on. Great animation and nice style. Everything is dark and fitting for the tone. The music was good too. However, the voice acting was really, really, REALLY bad. Ever seen the old 1960s Batman and Robin movies? The voices were that bad. Also, I get the overall feel of a bad super hero movie from this part. Great graphics but the overall movie was dry and boring (although it scared me a little). To add some more negative criticism (sorry about that by the way) it was too short. Good idea but you could have done more with it or done it better.