Reviews for "Dr. Shroud: La Maudite 3"


A very power final look into the dr. shroud series. Frist off camera work in this flash was very well done, and professional style of pans, and solid facial detail and expressions. Also this film had the classic horror movie style, along with a new style of tence action, the flying head was incredbily creepy, and sound quality and voice acting was solid. Backrounds were very dark, and flowed well with each transition. Some neat violence, and a story line of dark demon genius creativity

A mind game fun ending

This is a finale?

It feels like there should be another episode. Oh well, the toon looks good, but moves choppy.


But way to choppy.

I hate summaries. See below

Well, while it wasn't as engaging as the previous two installments, you still kept a high level of quality and kept true to the comic book style and feel of the series and character. The voice acting is above average, even if not flawless. The story didn't seem to be developed as much in this one, but it was still carried a little and I do look forward to your future work.

There's something missing...

As always, great art, an excellent sense of atmosphere and you have the comic book style down pat. However, one thing this series needs is a basic understanding of animation. I thought at first the animation was a little lacking because perhaps you were going for more of a lesser animated featurette to compliment the comic book aesthetic. This movie however has attempts at heavily animated scenes that fall really short of the bar.

A higher framerate would be nice and a lot more flexibility in the characters would ease it up enough so that the animation is at least digestable.