Reviews for "Mario & The Wiggler"

I like it...

That was good, man. Mario really has embarrassed and humiliated too many characters from Mario Bros. series during these years, and nobody can do a thing about it. That's a fact. Keep up the good work!



Thumbs up

This movie's flashy soundtrack and appealing graphics, combined with your classical satirical style of presentation, are of such quality that they render it worthy of a very solid rating. The actual content, however, leaves a bit to be desired- while not appalling, your humour hardly distinguishes itself.
This is the first of your works that I've seen, but I will certainly view the rest in the future. While it has a lot of room for improvement, Mario and the Wiggler still deserves a solid rating in my opinion.

very nice!

awesome short mario film. only thing i noticed you had wrong was when mario jumped on the wiggler, the flower on the wiggler's head didn't fall off, which if i remember correctly, that's what happened in super mario world. anyway, nicely animated, and unexpected ending that some would probably say it sucks, but can't please everyone so to hell with them.

Nice one, Shaun. XD

I laughed at this one. Nice little quickie.