Reviews for "Mario & The Wiggler"


I liked it! I thought the ending was just swell!

for a short flash..

It was pretty dumb. I dont see how people find this amusing in the least bit.


i love this movie..lol...it is so true though...mario will forever run amock and kill his enemies...i wish it would work for me you know? it would be funny to run around the world and be able to make peoples disappear by jumping on them...there would surely be alot less trampolines around lol...good stuff...

Sweet ending!!!

good premise, smooth animation, sweet ending.

All signs of a good flash animator. You got my five.

U gotta jump!

Ha what a great idea! That is so true it doen't matter what happens mario always ends up the victor. The graphics were great I loved the backgrounds they were done really well. mario looked great I loved when hes walking through that one scene and all of the turtle guys are dead and bloody that was so funny I wasn't expecting that. I also loved the end when the worm thing looked like he was going to freak out and kill him that was so funny. The sound was great you had good mario music in it then at the end with the rock music was a good touch. You had a great joke at the end which all GOOD shorts should have.

Overall: Good Job 8