Reviews for "Mario & The Wiggler"

Nice dude.

Nice man.

No Revenge

Oh crap, I didn't see that ending coming! I thought Wiggler was gonna kick Mario's ass, but I was wrong. LOL, funny stuff you made here.


b4 u complain about why i gave you a 0 for the sound, my speakers are busted, the music was probably very good, but i have no speakers, so meh.

an extremely clever topic to base a mario flash on, it is true what you say, mario jumps on many enemies yet they cant do anything about it. i feel this was quite enlightning (hardcore gamer :D go me) and interesting to think about, and FYI, pirhana plants cant be jumped on :P

smooth sprite animation, in the same ranks as randy solem. nice choice of background, nice movement, very smooth movements, such as when mario did that really big jump into the background. i feel that with this talent, you should make something bigger.

skip sound :D

stylish, yes, very clever idea picked out from a very successful game. you could do a whole series like this like, "why cant yoshi talk, why does peach always get kidnapped or when you jump down a hole, were do they go" just some ideas, but would be successful.

violence came as jumping on enemies but i also saw some bloodstained sprites and some bones sticking out of the sprites. to raise the violence mark abit, show the violence happening, show the blood spurting out of those koopas, i would enjoy this, and it would be funny too.

The flash is funny because its true, it will make me think twice everytime i jump on an enemy now. also that joke at the end, yoshi eating the angry catapillar when we were expecting it to kick marios butt, priceless, loved it. alot more humoour could be added though.

Overall, a classic sprite movie, old school Newgrounds styled flash, funny, enlightning and a very clever topic chosen from the mario games. has room for improvement, and can be made into a series, i hope it is.



i thought like the worm was going to like kick his ass or something but that was a better ending

never again

never..... ever..... again....