Reviews for "Mario & The Wiggler"

damn good

this was super cool.. i liked to watch it.. LOL WHEN HE SEES IT TURN RED HE FALLS AND SLUGS AWAY... haha.. ur a good flash animator with sprites.. i can damn tell!

by the way what song is that u used the one when the wriggler got mad?

I like this...

I saw that fan art with a wiggler saying " OMG! FRANK! IS THAT YOU!?" you should...welll maybe not, I was thinkin of FRANK THE WIGGLER, a funny series :D oj and...BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP!
JUST KIDDING...hehe...I just made a face, look: l:/

Not bad...

Not bad at all, you managed to make the Sprites look pretty good

But I sure would've liked to see the wiggler get him >=)

All thanks to Yoshi Brand Yoshi Eggs

They're magically delicious! That was great though, I really thought the wiggler was gonna get him, but then again...it's Mario...he can't be stopped. Or can he...? Anyway, keep up the good work.

Jumpman does it again!

Mario pwns all in this great flash!