Reviews for "Mario & The Wiggler"


you tricked me!(in a good way) i thought their was going to be some long fight scene between mario and the wiggler but...... ibetter not ruin it any further for other people who havent seen it. it was funny so i give you a 10!

that mario =)

is he really unstopable the answer is yes untill he meet the wiggeler hint YOSHI GO YOSHI nice ending that got me

OMG!!!!! Very COOL!!! XD

Very good, Mario is really a good hero and Yoshi is a good pet.
(And they're not any mad.)
That one is the best one you've ever made.
That's why i gave u a 5.
Hope to see more like that.

It was fine.

Graphics - you would close up and still wouldn't lose the graphics, nice job.
Style - It's a regular Mario, beatin' everyone up without absolute thought.
Sound - the sound was fine. You did a good job.
Violence - Kinda too much of it for me, that scene with all the bloody koopas wasn't really needed.
Interactivity - .... Yeah....
Humor - It was funny. Good job.
Overall - It was fine, but not the best I've seen. I rate it an avarage plus.


wOW, THAT WAS hilarious!!! I could not think of Mario using Yoshi to kill the caterpillar.