Reviews for "Mario & The Wiggler"

not to great but..

well, i didnt like the point in the movie.. but it was nice set up, so gg=)

This is funny

My favorite part was when Mario jumpped on the wriggler and it looked like he was going to get his ass kicked.This was one funny movie good job guys!


that was brill

ps that ball things not a goomba :)

Completely Funny Random

It was really good could do with a bit better sound like a mario theme song or something. I saw that Yoshi come out of nowhere it was so weird yet funny.you would think that yoshi would be really fat by now eating everything he can.It was a great movie though.Good 4 anyone and i advise anyone who can to watch it.

nice ending!

You think Mario dies cause he jumped on the Wiggler and made it mad. I never saw Yoshi comin'!. Well done. Cheers! and keep up the good work!.