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Reviews for "Sex Kitten Sim-Date"

soo tiny e-e

Jesus, I was just a wee lad when this came out and the name Sucky Fucko still just pops into my head sometimes, like today. Lo and behold, here I am playing it again almost 12 years later, and what do you know? It's still pretty funny. Quite a legacy.

Ahh, the beginning of a legend. It's been going for over 11 years now. Slutty McSlut is a hella cute cat girl. And she's perfect for this series! It's not meant to be deep or profound, it's just nonsensical and fun. Good for a quick wank.

The greatest hentai series on Newgrounds

No seriously you know why that is? It's simple it's just pure 100 percent nonsense the whole way through I mean does anyone bother to read the dialogue it's just hilarious good old sexy fun. And believe me this series gets better with every installment .

I have enjoyed this 10 years ago and still do today

I love this game. its very simple. I wish the other games showed slutty mc fuck stripping