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Reviews for "Graduation Card"

snail like

ARgh preloader fading to white too much, JUST DON"T DO THAT! Movie seems a lil too slow. Lots of loose lines and squiggles jsut kinda floatin on their own, should be cleaned up.........................................................
........ ok movie is wayyyy to slow just like that. Speed it up

It's good, but...

You could improve lots of things, like the timing of your texts. The teacher speech took so long here (I don't believe it was lag) that I read it more than 2 times. Well, it does look like Final Fantasy A+, but you got a style and that made this movie different. Try improving the history as well, you could give this movie more trama and it would be very nice. That's it.

great job keep up the good

great work pls make more id watch them all i love it great jod cangradulations

too slow

it was a nice movie with a good, it just took for ever and was dragged out way too long.

not bad

not bad. i thought it was just raelly nice of you to make a flash card for your brother.