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Reviews for "Graduation Card"

was fine


. . .

i wouldnt compare this to FFA+ and i like the idea about how u click the things but, the ppl moved 2 slo even wen u didnt hafta click nething, its not that i hate ff but this was pretty bad


The Last part totally caught me off guard. Good job

why do people keep doing this

ok i think that was a pretty good job but people stop putting things that you made for people such as e-cards on here. I mean unless its really good we dont wanna see it. Its meant for that peorson you made it for so we may not like it but they will so just keep it for them. You did an ok job but honestley people stop with the cards.The only excption was final fantasy A+. that was a school project but it was really really auseom.

I didn;t like it.

It was slow, orginal, and the only thing i actually liked was the monkey that lives in Chris' closet from Family Guy.