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Reviews for "Graduation Card"

pretty good

it waas pretty good and did you give any credit to nukelear power for teh fighter doken? i didnt see anything about but maybe im just a crack head....

Koncur responds:

Thanks! And I do mention that Fighter and Black Mage are from 8-Bit Theater in the Credits. That should probably cover the FighterDoken reference too.

You people ...

This is great work, but apparently not many people are to good at judging potential. Why not, instead of Bashing his hard work to make your lives better, Comment FAIRLY. Dont kiss his but dont blow it off either.

Koncur this was great. I think some of your other work is a little better but the effort you put into this shines through, although very unobvious to SOME people. Then again yuove been on newgrounds a while now... people are always assholes.

Keep em comin Konc

god i hate being subjective....

well it could have been better but to me it was a finalfantasy A+ rip off and final fantasy in general... but it was well done so i have to score your accordingly. ....good job

Great Job! Very Original!

I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, very clever how you put in a final fantasy theme, but had the graduation thing going with "Teacher's Pet!" That was awsome! Great actions in the fighting mode, where the black mage throws the warrior, lol. Great great job. If you could try improving upon your graphics- which I thought were good, but if they were better- You'd be awsome. I'd like to see more work from yoU! Keep up the good work :D

Koncur responds:

Thank you! Yes, I can see how graphics could be improved in some parts, but then, sometimes it's a battle to keep the framerate smooth.


not bad or good.