Reviews for "Courier Vs. Courier"


As soon as I figured out that it was Ulysses leaving all those old world flag symbols in the previous DLC packs, I practically shit myself. So this was the guy who was mentioned by pretty much every one in Big MT, and by Elijah in the Sierra Madre, and even Joshua Grahmn in Zion. He was looking for a fight, so we fought, of course I had a giant ass sword to do it with!

Very nice picture, but what about the two eyebots helping him?


Now, im going to go to target, and by fallout 3

love this battle

it has to be the best battle in new vages after all the billed up from the last 3 dlc's


lonesome rode is in my opinion is one of the best DLCs and also I say THIS IS AWESOME. final I see some awesome fallout artwork, I love the style of this. anyway in short this is so AWESOME


The final confrontation of the Divide was one of the coolest battle in an RPG ever. It wasn't the most bright, and flashy, and colorful and full of godly powers. It was instead extremely personal, and had much deeper meaning to the game than most add-ons ever provide. It held actual weight. Me, I convinced Ulysses that the NCR could endure and prosper, and nuked the Legion instead while fighting off a horde of Marked Men.