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Reviews for "DE_aztec"


I have seen all of your other movies and they kick ass. I hope you make more of these.

great CS flash

keep em coming


I love this flash but im not sure why. The sound effects get a little to cheesy and matrixy, but somehow i like that. The graphics arent anything special... just stick figures like alot of the stuff on newgrounds. I did find some humor in this after i watched the other DE flash (btw ide suggest doing so). The only thing I found to complain about was thier conversations. The text went away so fast that i found i was only getting to read half of the things they were saying. Good job anyway

more ses sickos!

That was friggin awzome!
Cmon dude more de dust and de aztec rules!

The five months were worth it

on the next one you should put in characters like betrayer and stealer