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Reviews for "DE_aztec"


This is coolness x 2

best cs flash ever

that was the best cs flash ever!!!! but...instead of them fist fighting they should of been havin a knife fight since u cant punch each other in the game.

best flsh movie ever!!

i loved this flsh its so violent and has great matrix styly action but with hilarious characters my faves the dumbass I loved when they were all tryin to kill him but kept missing anyway you should make alot more flash movies like this great job!


This is not only the funniest Flash movies ive ever seen, its also the best ive ever seen! I loved the part when the Pro tries to kill Dumbass, but ends up dying AGAIN might i add! I was LMAO the 1st time! I think this is better than DE Dust. Anywayz, all im trying to say is THIS FLASH IS DA BEST!!!!!

Almost... De_Dust is better.

De_Dust is still better because you put in less Matrix and Max Payne things, I prefer a flash movie that is more realistic, simple knife fights are fun to watch, lol. The action and new characters were cool but it needs a lot more gunfights instead of Matrix stuff and humiliations.