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Reviews for "DE_aztec"

review of DE_aztec

It's great...5 star of flash portal...


this is pure fun! ahahahahahaha :)


this was great. excelent characters, well done.

this is a brilliant production

i looved it sooo much! the pro is my favorite character. i got an idea for your next cs movie! y font you do the map on a nipper map or de_rats maybe!
or de_wallmart! if you've never heard of any of these maps then youve never played a good map man....and you can base it on 1.6 instead! also, try using rayman characters instead of sticks. make it like cs instead of like fight scenes and ppl kicking eachother in the balls and sliding on rails. maybe you can make a character that is an audio spammer who plays funky music on cs! man! i hope you like my ideas for your upcoming cs movie! tell me what you think.cya! :D


Dumb-ass Rules

This is the best one so far. And dumb-ass is the best!